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Okay, so the game, full name Bendy and the Ink Machine, is an indie (see a pattern, ahahaha) horror game created by Joey Drew Studios. When it comes to horror, I would say there are a couple good jumpscares and an oOoOo spooky vibe but not a "scared out of your wits crapping your pants" kind of horror. It's a sort of guilty pleasure horror, I suppose. Anyway, the storyline of the game follows a middle-aged guy named Henry, who used to work at this animation studio that was a knockoff of Disney. His boss was Joey Drew (to no one's surprise) and was a complete jerk, but he got the job done, so to speak. The studio was failing and almost bankrupt, so I guess Joey SUMMONED A FRICKIN DEMON to make all of their troubles go away. Can't beat that logic, I guess. The demon made all of their animations come to life, so now their characters (Bendy the [fictional] demon, Boris the wolf, and Alice the angel) are literally walking and breathing. And then Joey abandoned the studio...

So far this story makes no sense but let's just roll with it. Okay, so Henry was Joey's coworker, and when Joey abandoned the studio he had no job, so he left too. The game takes place 30 years later, when Bendy is super angry and bitter, and thinks that Henry abandoned him with Joey. So when the player is Henry, Bendy is basically out for vengence and wants to kill him. I guess Bendy is an ink demon because Joey had this ink machine-lemme just ask Google. "The game follows Henry Stein, a retired animator who returns to the defunct animation company upon an invitation from his old friend Joey Drew, then, later on, he discovers a living nightmare within the studio by the chaos of ink, thanks to the titular Ink Machine." Oh, thanks Google. I am now a pathetic blogger. Oh, by the way, Joey's the bad guy here. So the entire game is basically you running for your life with Bendy salivating behind you, solving puzzles, navigating the broken down studio, and other fun stuff, ehehe.

When it comes to the fandom, there is a ton of amazing fanart and a couple awesome AUs, like the Hell's Studio AU and then Hell's Kitchen. There are some comics that portray Bendy forgiving Joey and Henry, which is pretty emotionally wrecking, lol. Tons of comic dubs on YT and some funny animated vines. Overall, I would rate the game and community a 7, and recommend it for anyone who wants a break from FNAF but likes a bit of action.


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