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Good Morning, Fems, Mascs, And Enbies!




This poem wasn´t really inspired by anyone but I wrote it cause I´ve felt this way so many times and I wanna show it to you guys

Pronouns Today :she/her (it is not often that I´m fem so its prettyyyyyy weird 0-0)


Those cold, dead eyes. And why are they directly looking at me? I’m just concerned, thatś all, but whatever must´ve happened in those 2 weeks might’ve  turned you to stone, and I want to cry and hurt the person who damaged your 

Sarcasm and sweet smile you always threw at me. Now you just stare at me like an enemy, and when you gave me that what!? Gesture with a shrug and edge that had me completely embarrassed, flinching and feeling the need to look away-and so I do-, maybe even scared. Although, I think I’m foolish enough to believe that I´m not being scared of you but being scared for you and the pity and guilt is hitting me hard right next to my stomach where my hunger for food is, and now all I want to do is wrap my arms around you so badly and give you that hug that you so obviously and desperately need. Looking at you from afar across the room, we both know you’re faking. I know when you’re faking that laugh of yours, self-conscious every time someone doesn’t laugh at your jokes. You’re overall just awkward with people, and I want to help you but I’m scared of saying something wrong, that if I might mean to put lotion on your sensitive skin but instead making it ashy and hurt so much more than it did before. I can´t help but stare, can´t help but obsess over your every move, your reactions, your feelings, and the way you guard those feelings the second you realize you’re showing more emotion than needed or wanted to. I’ve already practiced my lines and imagined over and over what I was to say if you’d let me speak to you emotionally and let me touch you….

To let me cup my hand on your cheek, breathe you in, and just touch you with every inch of my body, then find a way somehow to make it feel like it’s not sexual at all. 

this might seem very weird and specific but its just how I feel sometimes :D 

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