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// Undertale //






Undertale is an indie role-playing video game (RPG) created by Toby Fox. The game itself is groundbreaking, with a stunning pixel art display, the best soundtrack in video game history (hehe, sorry), and super advanced programming. But it's also a bit creepy...I'll explain in a bit.

For people who are completely brand new to Undertale, the storyline follows a human named Frisk who fell into a place called the Underground, which as you can guess, is underground. Supposedly, humans and 'monsters' had a huge war, and humans forced monsters to live underground, so now they have a huge society down there. In the game, you are Frisk, just to clarify.  Their gender is not clarified so I'm either going to say Frisk or they/them. The first thing that happens is that you land on a bed of flowers, which introduces the first character Flowey, who you can also guess with your last two braincells that he is a Flower. He rants for a bit and makes it obvious that he is an antagonist. The next character you mosey with is Toriel, who is big mama goat and is currently on pie duty. After ditching her, you meet snas-eghem-sans the skeleton who officially farts even though he doesn't have a digestive system (you weren't expecting that, don't lie) and has a comedic younger brother who is about twenty feet taller than he is. Both of them are endearing, and the game rubs it in if you are on a genocide run, ehehe...

Ah yes, speaking of. You have three options in the game. You can go on a Pacifist run, which is when you kill no one and you live happ-not quite. Also, a tip: if you want the true Pacifict ending, you have to go on a date with Papyrus (I tried true Pacifict and didn't know this so I got a neutral ending which sucked) and kill NO ONE. Neutral is, well, neutrual (win some, lose some, kill some, save some) but if you spare everyone but Papyrus you get a spooky ending o.O

Genocide is when you kill everyone and spare no one. Beware, if you go this route, the game WILL mess with you psychologically. Trust me. Also, you get to "Reset" and supposedly start over if something doesn't go right. Your progress resets and you land at the beginning of the game again. But, the game remembers you. Characters sense that you have been here before, and things get a bit creepy. 

Fast forward to the real world. The actual fandom is a deep rabbit hole, so let me save you before you get too deep. Whatever you do, do NOT look up Undertale fanart on Devianart,  ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ship sans x papyrus, and DON'T say that the lesbian ship alphys x undyne isn't canon, because it is. Toby made it himself >:]

If you are serious about it though, I completely encourage experimenting with ships, and getting deep into Undertale AUs. There are over 400 AUs (Alternative Universes) but some of my personal favorites are Underfell, Horrortale, Dreamtale, Errortale, Underverse, Underfresh, and Swapfell. Favorite alt timeline is Killer!sans. My favorite alt versions of sans are basically all of the evil ones and the Fallen Stars, and then Fresh Sans and Ink lol. Approved ships of mine are Papyton, Kustard, Chara x Flowey, Cross x Reaper, Corrupted!Dream x Nightmare (I know they're technically brothers, it's a guilty pleasure ship), Horror x blueberry, Fresh x Paperjam, and Fatal!error x Lavender. Personally, I think both Error and Ink are both aromantic, so...

Anyways, it's an awesome game (Deltarune is the sequel if you're interested!) and would be fabulous to get into if you wanted. Remember, staring at fanart for hours and watching hours of comic dubs on YT is completely normal and encouraged. And experimenting with ships is also okay (unless you're shipping outrageous things like siblings and enemies, grrrrr, and yes I'm ignoring my Nightmare ship). Some good YT channels are Hub Cinema and Sans Comic TV!


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