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I hate writing on paper so I'm writing here.

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Back from vacation

Hi, I just got back from a 4 day vacation. It was really fun if you don't include the fact that I got really sick the last day. Still recovering but I do feel better. We visited my grandma for her birthday, and spent some time at the beach. We went on a dolphin cruse a saw a pod of dolphins. They got really close to the boat. I really enjoyed it but I'm glad to be back. Soon my family has to go to a picnic, Im not allow to go since I'm sick. Anyway, bye.


VIVIEN_ in June

Tuesday=school :<

Hi, so I'm taking a break from writing for a bit. Everything just got sloppy and I lost motivation. Right now I'm working on fixing my sleep schedule and eating healthy, with a little help from my sisters. I'm trying to take my life back, because depression caused me to stop caring about my life which caused me to stop trying to live it. I'm finally catching up on my school (I'm soo behind:.<), but I still have to do it over the summer (no summer break for me). I'm writing down idea


VIVIEN_ in June

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