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I hate writing on paper so I'm writing here.

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Story update

Hi, So a few days ago I had to delete everything I wrote for the second chapter. It became sloppy and I lost interest in it. I'm still planning on posting the second chapter on the 10th, but I might not be able to. Deleting it caused me to have to work harder on getting it done. I also have lost my motivation to write it so I'll be working on a old story. I'm not sure if they'll meet Kelly and Aden in this chapter but maybe. Writing a story is a lot harder then I thought. The first chapter


VIVIEN_ in Story

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH!

Oh my gosh hello! Literally two minutes ago my brain was filled with ideas for my story. I am soo excited! I had only three characters but now I have six. Vale, gay, 17 Lois, bisexual, 16 Jazz, aromatic, 17 Kelly, lesbian, 16 Aden, straight, 17 (Will be introduced a lot later) Sam, gender fluid, 16 I haven't posted in a month because I'm falling behind and have too many ideas (trying to go through them and figuring out what to keep). I can't control my exc


VIVIEN_ in Story

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