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About this blog

I know I'm making a lot of blogs but I want to be more organized in life and if you want lively and exciting posts, look in my Talking About My Sexuality (which name might be changed later on) blog.  and if you want writing and  poetry posts, look in my  Gen Z's F*cked Up Version of Romeo And Juliet blog. But, if anyone doesn't mind, I'd like to share a dark side of me. a more vulnerable and depressed side. and hope that most of you can relate in this blog. 

Entries in this blog

Hey :>/ (TW WARNING: self abuse, depression, anxiety, etc.)

Hey everyone... how are you doing? I'm okay, I guess. just feel depressed and hella stressed about...everything.  about school. about home. about my friend who's being complicated while I'm trying to keep myself alive about my other friend, who's crying because life is so hard, so I'm trying to not smoke or drink...or burn myself. about my crush, I want to stop loving him, to stop needing him.  he doesn't like me back, and dealing with the stress of being friends wi

Sorry Isn't An Exception, I Know, But Could I Just Say It First Before You Say It?

Hey everyone, I am starting a new blog..it's a sadder one and one that I hope will help with everything that is on my chest. I walk to call out @Jaxxy and for a good reason. I want to say this in a way that she understands, and to hopefully salivate (save) this friendship. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I've been ignoring you. I'm sorry that I'm no good and that I mess up and that I know that you want attention too. I understand that. But these lyrics by G-easy might help you understand what it's lik
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