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About this blog

Hello everyone! I hear a lot of you people love my poems and more, I love sharing them! so I have a new blog that I made for a specific book (hence the title name) that I will be making physically and I will also be making entries in here explaining the different chapters and how they all go into order! 

Entries in this blog

Alas, He Is Slowly Driving Me Mad...And I Like It: Pt 2

hey everyone! I'm not going to say much, except enjoy and hopefully you won't think I'm crazy lolz How is everyone doing? I'm doing okay :)    Who else has contorted crushes? (hahaha) Turning me on like a faucet  Make me feel hot and cold, but now the sink is broken  Make me feel like a 9.5 earthquake  Make me shake, to find out that it’s all fake  And everyone around me has gasped when I told them about you like an artificial audience hearing the news of
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