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About this blog

Hello everyone! I hear a lot of you people love my poems and more, I love sharing them! so I have a new blog that I made for a specific book (hence the title name) that I will be making physically and I will also be making entries in here explaining the different chapters and how they all go into order! 

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Alas, He Is Slowly Driving Me Mad...And I Like It: Pt 1

YEAH Ya'll might be concerned for that title....wait for the next poems I'm writing next... It's uhm, its very uhm, so yeah :)  also how is everybodyyyyyYYYY????? Thorns...Are Beautiful   You're just like a rose with so many thorns because Seeming fickle to others but I know your full of fuzz Vines and Vines of yours wrap around every part of me that is mine; my arms held tight even as  I don't struggle from your soft but firm hold that anyone would see and kno
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