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About this blog

Hello everyone! I hear a lot of you people love my poems and more, I love sharing them! so I have a new blog that I made for a specific book (hence the title name) that I will be making physically and I will also be making entries in here explaining the different chapters and how they all go into order! 

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Exciting News About My Poetry Book, Gen Z's F*cked Up Version of Romeo And Juliet!

Hey everyone! I know its kinda late, but I am soooo excited, I can´t wait to tell the world! so people who have been reading my poetry lately, like @MinamatoKouFan23 ( which, thank you :D I appreciate it very much) know I am doing a series called  Gen Z's F*cked Up Version of Romeo And Juliet, and a lot of people at my school I´ve shown this little project of mine to people and they have all said that I should make a book out of this, and I started thinking. I think that I SHOULD make a physical

First Blog, First Poem: Confused//I Do Not Love Thee!

Hey everyone, this is my first entry in this blog and this is one of my prized and favorite poem in this book so I hope this might convince people and reel everyone in for my upcoming poems!    Confused// I Do Not Love Thee ( ! )  I do not love thee! yet as the days within your chair has gone absent and still as I hope to see your will of resistance in the middle of the hallways, I have all but your best friend to fill my empty ecstasies for you in your absentees, although I do an
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