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I've told people who I consider to be close, now it's time to tell my family... But should I?

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Just about ready to cuss out the internet

I don't know if this is official but people have been making sexualities that mock the LGBTQIA+ community like people have been making flags supporting messed-up sexualities like Pedosexual and other gross stuff like that. Like we're all about equality and supporting people and loving who you want but pedophilia shouldn't be a valid thing-  (Btw I support everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community you're all amazing and I support everyone just not pedos)


Melina in LGBTQIA+

How do I come out?

After a full year of contemplating and getting to know myself, I am a proud bisexual. My close friends know, but my family doesn't (my friends are like my found family. I'm a lot more close and comfortable with them). I want to come out to my family because keeping this from them is so stressful! But I'm worried about their reactions... I don't want to say they're homophobic, but their reactions to topics about the LGBTQ+ community don't always go well... My siblings, are.... Homophobic, yeah. T


Melina in Coming out

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