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About this blog

this is for all of the creative things I have been making such as drawings on Kleki and 3d modular Origami

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The Story I promised you all.

Well, Here it is at last The story that I promised everyone. Chapter 1: The big news. Abandoned           “What! Why are you only just telling me this now? Why now after all these years?” I had so many questions.  I am in the front room with my parents because they said that there is something I need to know. “Sit down please love” my mum asks, but I can’t, I’m too nervous, I can’t help but think; “what if they are kicking me out?” “Are either of them seriously i

The Story I promised you all

Allright, here is part 2 Chapter 2: Moving Day Abandoned  “Is that everything loaded into the van?” my adoptive mother asks.  “I believe so, let me just double check every room really quick.” I reply.  It is moving day, at long last. We are finally selling up and getting a bigger house because the 3-bedroom house we currently live in is too small for a growing teen such as myself.  “I’ll meet you there, I just want to go to and say goodbye to

The Story I Promised You All

Chapter 3 The search “So, where are you going to search for her first?” My adoptive mother asks. “Well, I was planning on going to the hospital to see if they can tell me a bit more about my birth mother” I say, really excited about the fact that at long last, I will finally be able to find my birth mother. ***   “Do you know what her name is?” asked the doctor. “Yes, her name is Natalie Howlett.” I reply, hoping that they have her on record. “Ah, yes, her

The Story I Promised You All

Chapter 4 First Date *Buzz, buzz, buzz* “Kenneth, how unexpected of you unless you found something in my old room.” I say to him. “Well, I haven’t found anything, I just wanted to see what you are doing this weekend.” He says to me. “I don’t think so, why?” I ask extremely curious.   “Well, I was wondering if I could take you out for the day, and maybe take you for dinner as well.” he says to me. “Wait, so are you asking me out on a date?” I quiz him. “Yea
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