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So basically 'm bisexual and I told my friends, my parents approve and shit but now I'm realizing that the girls behind me are bullies. Honestly I feel shitty now because I told my friends. Like either they heard it or my friends spilled, but WHO CARES? IMA GO AND GET MY SELF SOME BIO-SEXUAL TREES

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First day of being bisexual be like

I remember finding out I was bisexual. Yes it was hard and I got tripped over like 100000000000000 times on purpose but yea If I could go in time I would grab a brick and chuck it at their damn head DAMN the girls behind be are shistty shstritty so yea. But anyway I want my bisexual p'pepol' out there to know that being bi isn't a bad thing, it just feels like crap. Anyway I gotta go eEeEeEeaAaAaAtTtTtTt now. hahah peasants i got BuRgErS


lifeissona in First days

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