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About this blog

Hey there. This is Agnimitra and I am maturing as the days pass. Every day I evolve and I am a new person. But a lot of times it is quite difficult for me to just survive. And so in this blog, I'll be sharing about all such good as well as bad days. It's a journey and we are all in this together :)

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My Body Dysmorphia

Somedays I feel like I am pretty. And that feeling doesn't come naturally, it’s forced. I definitely hear a lot of positive things from friends and family that I am beautiful and I'm truly grateful for them. But because of my toxic believes, nothing can ever seem to comfort me about my body image issues. I have been trying to work on my body a lot. When I see improvements, i feel the happiest. But when i don't, i curse myself way too much. I'm afraid to go to the mirror to see my face staring ba


agnimitraaa in My body dysmorphia

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