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My life is full of anxiety and I have a lot of stories so this is where i will share stories from my life and current events. I also might end up sharing writing on here. Hope you enjoy!

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My current ADHD journey (Will be more than one post as it is ongoing)

Hello Lovelies! So I have ADHD, I have recently gotten an official diagnosis but i've know for a while. I am taking the next step and starting medication for it which I wont get deep into what i'm taking but I will say the first one I tested I started Monday and took for the last time yesterday. On Monday I took it at 8am, I was super nauseous for almost the whole morningΒ  and I went to a few classes that I had that day knowing that I would probably have to ask my teacher if I could go to m


trimkeyboard7878 in ADHD

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