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My life is full of anxiety and I have a lot of stories so this is where i will share stories from my life and current events. I also might end up sharing writing on here. Hope you enjoy!

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A nightmare that I had last night. Which I am now turning into a short story.

Hello lovelies! For me it is currently 12:30 AM (ish) and I cannot sleep because I have a lingering nightmare from last night. I was supposed to be in bed over three hours ago because I have stuff tomorrow but I can run off of two hours of sleep. So I had a nightmare last night (Make fun of me all you want everyone has them) and It was something that actually has a chance of happening. So a tad bit of background I am going on a trip with my age group in my scout troop to a place that's abou


trimkeyboard7878 in Dreams/stories

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