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About this blog

My life is full of anxiety and I have a lot of stories so this is where i will share stories from my life and current events. I also might end up sharing writing on here. Hope you enjoy!

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My First Flame of Sorts.

Hello Lovelies! (Just a little disclaimer if this may be a tad confusing that is because it is like 2:00 Am ish and I don't sleep lol.)  So today I am talking about for the first time ever about my first flame I guess. Nothing  went on between us at all I pretty much just had a huge crush on him. This is more the experience of my first crush.  So this was late last year early this year, I played basketball and my coaches were a dad of one of the girls (Who isn't overly important in thi


trimkeyboard7878 in My Life

My Random Thoughts: Will I ever be a bridesmaid?

Hello Lovelies! Ok this will probably get pretty confusing very fast so bear with me, I will elaborate at the end.  So Ms. A, amazing lady, my second mother (And she knows it) and all around just cool person. I'm not going into details but she has a boyfriend that I have recently discovered the existence of, I haven't met him yet but he sounds pretty cool. I'm not utterly sure if Ms. A knows that I know about him but her daughter is my best friend so I bet she wouldn't be surprised if/

Major life change. How long is this going to last?/Something happened and I need to talk about it a little bit.

Hello Lovelies! So I am implementing a lifestyle change. I'm vegetarian now! I've been wanting to go vegetarian for a little while but have never had a great reason to do it until now, this is where the something happened part comes in. So my mom and I are at home about to watch a movie and my dad is at a friends house. My mom and I ordered delivery for dinner, when it got here my mom sent me downstairs to get it, I opened the door and in came a bird. I ran upstairs and told my mom, she mad


trimkeyboard7878 in My Life

One of my favorite people in the world! Ms. A

Hello Lovelies! Today we are talking about a new character in my story (Kind of) I'm pretty sure I mentioned her in a couple of my posts but i'm not sure. I'm calling her Ms. A, I have known this lovely lady and her daughter for about 5-6 months and have grown very close with both of them, i'll make a post about the daughter because she is my best friend. (Actually i've know them for years but I hadn't seen them in 4 years and her daughter remembers me but I don't remember her.) Don't get M

My current ADHD journey (Will be more than one post as it is ongoing)

Hello Lovelies! So I have ADHD, I have recently gotten an official diagnosis but i've know for a while. I am taking the next step and starting medication for it which I wont get deep into what i'm taking but I will say the first one I tested I started Monday and took for the last time yesterday. On Monday I took it at 8am, I was super nauseous for almost the whole morning  and I went to a few classes that I had that day knowing that I would probably have to ask my teacher if I could go to m


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A nightmare that I had last night. Which I am now turning into a short story.

Hello lovelies! For me it is currently 12:30 AM (ish) and I cannot sleep because I have a lingering nightmare from last night. I was supposed to be in bed over three hours ago because I have stuff tomorrow but I can run off of two hours of sleep. So I had a nightmare last night (Make fun of me all you want everyone has them) and It was something that actually has a chance of happening. So a tad bit of background I am going on a trip with my age group in my scout troop to a place that's abou


trimkeyboard7878 in Dreams/stories

Not quite ready.

Hello Lovelies,  This is my first blog post and I want to talk about something that is going on in my life right now.  (well the event in specific happened about a week ago) A little bit of background, this year I leveled up to the jr high/ high school group in scouts and so far it has been fairly good, I have been welcomes with open arms and I have learned a few things but an issue has arose. The age group before this one you had badges that were fairly easy and you had a few responsi


trimkeyboard7878 in Anxiety?

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