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Hi, so I know I haven't been posting for a while but I have a lot on my plate right now. Let's start with school first. I'm in eighth grade now and it's more stressful than I thought it'd be. I have student council, dance, cross country, my classes, debate, and theater. Then my best friend has been diagnosed with anorexia and hasn't been in school the last two days. She hasn't answered my calls or texts. My sister is always ignoring me and my dad has gotten worse. He yells at me over every littl


Crazygirl in Life


I know I haven't been on in a while but I'm here to share my story again. At school I have a math teacher let's call her Ms. G. One day Ms G wanted to do a little retreat for the 6th- 8th graders to promote self love. And during this retreat she said homophobic things when there are openly gay and bisexual people in all three grades. My dilemma is I go to Catholic private school on a scholarship and I don't know if Ms G should be allowed to say those things but if I bring it up will they even do


Crazygirl in Life


I go to Catholic school as you know if you have read my other content. Lance (Not his real name) has made fun of me since the kids at my school found out I was bi. He always calls me names and stuff. He's like the ring leader. Almost everyone listens to what he says. He hates me. Even before he found out I was bi and he is super homophobic. We made dull bow and arrows so that no one would hurt themselves too bad. Everyone charged at me. My family thinks everything is easy for me but it's not. He


Crazygirl in FML


So I told my dad I was bi yesterday. Today he said an I quote "Let's not put a label because you are only 11 and you don't know". I know that there is not an age limit on knowing what you feel. He made me feel like he just thinks this is a phase or something. This is what I was worried about. I know people have it worse than me but I'm always like FML. I feel like I'm a selfish brat. 


Crazygirl in Bisexual

Oh no!

My life is crazy! Ok so I'm bisexual and go to a Catholic school so I only told my close friends. They totally were good with it and accepted me for me. Well today I was in class and I heard some kids say bisexual and gay one kid even said it as they passed by me. I don't know if they're being just homophobes during pride month or one of my close friends spilled. I want to say something but if they don't know I'm just telling a school full of homophobes the truth. I don't want to be bullied or t


Crazygirl in Oh No!


I had a best friend let's call her Amy. I was with Amy and another friend. The other friend said that he shipped to girls we knew and I said I did too. Amy said that girls liking girls was just wrong. She didn't know I was bisexual or that I had a crush on her. I was heartbroken. She had been my best friend since preschool. I thought I could get her to understand so I told her I was bi. Amy just said ok. After that we slowly drifted apart. We still talk every now and then. Her parents are very C


Crazygirl in Heartbreak

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