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Wlw Story That I Promised You! 😏 Pt.2 More Of Prologue And A Bit Of Chapter 1 !

hey everyone! I'm so glad a lot of you liked the small bit I showed you guys of the story, and guess what, i have a name for the story! it is called The Girl Who Can See Me. here it is!!!!                           Prologue    She pushes me against the wall, and until now I really understand the urgent need coursing through her because my back recoils from the thrashing pain, but I don’t move from under her, god knows what she’ll do next. Or worse, what I’ll do if she moves a

Wlw Story That I Promised You! 😏

Hey everyone! I have a short story that is part of a prologue of a new book of mine I'm writing. I will add more to it and also show you all chapters during the following weeks. here it is ^-^ also, I want to check in on everybody, how are you? I'm doing okay just feel a little peaceful so to many people they think I look sad because I'm quiet but I'm just peacefully enjoying life. :))   She pushes me against the wall, and until now I really understand the urgent need coursing through

Welcome Everyone!

Hey Everyone I'm BACKKkKKKkK lolz just wanted to say that pronouns are he/him  today ^-^ hope you fruity snackers are doing swell today I just came to check in p.s, I will be posting a short loves story (wlw to be exact!) so I hope everyone will get to see it in my next blog! :))  alright have a great evening and hopefully I'm not sounding too cringy. byee loves!  

If You Love Someone Don't Cheat. If You Want To Cheat, Set Them Free

Hey everyone. I think I am more than convinced that my girlfriend is cheating on me, but that's alright. You might think that I'm a fool for staying with her, but tell me this; how do you leave someone if my heart gets tugged by the half of my heart, and is only whole with her? Heartbreak is real, yes, but I've never experienced it. In all of my many relationships, I've never felt anything from the breakups. and I know you might call me stone by reacting not at all but I've never really truly fe

Friendships In Drawers And Girlfriends In Your Underwear

Hello everyone! I missed posting so much and I want to hear about everyone's day so far :) mine is going okay I am starting to talk to a school counselor about my life and I was honestly surprised when she told me  that I am emotionally intelligent and very mature for a teenager so that felt nice to here. but I think its been a good minute since I've done some good poems and I tell you I am very proud of myself! also I made a very special drawing for my girlfriend and hopefully she'll like it, i

Feeling a little Happier Than Ever Bit By Bit Each Day

Hey everyone! I´m feeling better than I was yesterday, but I wanna know how you guys feel. how are you guys doing? pronouns and everything :)  Pronouns: It/them Question: whats one or more (if you want) favorite singers you like? I like Billie Eilish´s album Happier Than Ever, Halsey, FLETCHER, Selena Gomez, Melanie Martinez and more.  Why am I so surprised? Why.am.i.so.surprised? Ha, I thought I could get over you. I ACTUALLY thought that if I saw everything right before my eyes, i

Weekends Aren´t A Big Exception

Hey guys! I´m pretty sure the sum of us don´t really have much motivation to post over the weekend cause-exhaustion. and since I am a basketball player AND a wrestler, I think you can guess how sore my body is feeling right now >.> I am going to post today but I won´t post again until Monday morning.  Pronouns: she/her  these are little scratches of poetry I came up with so its not like my best work but I decided that showing you some scratches will help some of you people who do

Near Death Experience Today, so YAY

Haha ☠️  yep yep Pronouns; He/him I had such Poetry Juice creativity today and I´m pretty proud of this.  Name: Trying to find my purpose, day number 1; I don´t even realize it. I don´t even realize that I´m thinking about their arms until I feel them wrapped around me for those few precious seconds we have. I don´t acknowledge it. I don´t acknowledge their light brown eyes becoming dark with intensity when they looks at me until I am within a distance that I can feel them bu

Good Morning, Fems, Mascs, And Enbies!

This poem wasn´t really inspired by anyone but I wrote it cause I´ve felt this way so many times and I wanna show it to you guys Pronouns Today :she/her (it is not often that I´m fem so its prettyyyyyy weird 0-0)   Those cold, dead eyes. And why are they directly looking at me? I’m just concerned, thatś all, but whatever must´ve happened in those 2 weeks might’ve  turned you to stone, and I want to cry and hurt the person who damaged your  Sarcasm and sweet smile you always t

Sexuality & Identity Of Me, Myself, And I :))

Compliment Names: HandsomeI am 14 years old and on my journey in the LGBTQUIA+ community.  I started questioning myself when I was 7, and I kissed a girl that age, but also a boy, and weirdly, I thought that was perfectly fine and  went on with myself until I turned 10. I always knew that I felt a way towards girls, but I thought that was just admiration. and about my identity, I used to think that I was a girl, but always had imaginations about how it´d be like to be a guy, which at the time, t
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