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**SPOILER WARNING** Okay, so the game, full name Bendy and the Ink Machine, is an indie (see a pattern, ahahaha) horror game created by Joey Drew Studios. When it comes to horror, I would say there are a couple good jumpscares and an oOoOo spooky vibe but not a "scared out of your wits crapping your pants" kind of horror. It's a sort of guilty pleasure horror, I suppose. Anyway, the storyline of the game follows a middle-aged guy named Henry, who used to work at this animation studio that w

// Undertale //

**SPOILER WARNING** Undertale is an indie role-playing video game (RPG) created by Toby Fox. The game itself is groundbreaking, with a stunning pixel art display, the best soundtrack in video game history (hehe, sorry), and super advanced programming. But it's also a bit creepy...I'll explain in a bit. For people who are completely brand new to Undertale, the storyline follows a human named Frisk who fell into a place called the Underground, which as you can guess, is underground. Supp
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