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Hey so I need hep with coming out to my homophobic mother. I'm living with her right now and she literally has my money in an envelope in her closet and I'm a teen who is dependent on her. I made plans to stay with my friends for a while in case the worst happens but one of then said that I can't move out until I'm at least 16 because they have legal forms saying that they basically own me or something, like because I'm her child and she has legal custody over me and I'm way to scared to come out on my own so...thoughts? Also I'm 13 so please no profanity or anything like that!

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How do I get over this...

So my girlfriend just broke up with me over text and honestly...I don't really think I'll ever get over it. She said she just wasn't ready for a relationship which I understand but, it still hurts. What do I do? I don't wanna start self-harming again because of something like this.

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Coming out to mother

Okay so I recently came out to my dad. Thankfully he was supportive BUT he's one of those kinds of people who are like "There's only 2 genders." to which I'm thinking "Ummm you mean sexes? Cause there are MANY different genders and 2 different sexes. Actually now that I think about it there's more than 2 sexes. At least 3."

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