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About this blog

I am a very philosophical person. I have a strict set of rules based on things I know, think and believe.  I have a past that I find hard to talk about. In this I am going to talk about what I have told no one about. That is a mix of relationships, abuse and torment that I have gone through all my life before I even had the concept of my sexulaity.  But becoming who wlyou are is all about confronting the past, right?

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Someone has to...

❗This blog contains open and frank conversations about sex and personal opinions. Reader discretion is advised. If you have a question about sex, dating, relationships or sexuality, you can post it for our mentors here. Someone has to talk about sex. Whatever kind it is, it has to be taught. But people don't teach us the important stuff.  In fact most people don't know enough in their 30s. And people are always mortified when their bodies do something normal.  At school I was the

Boyfriends vs. Girlfriend

I've had a lot of boyfriends. My friends tallied up the ones they count and it was 47. The total amount of men I've dated was something like 63. I've only dated one girl, but even then at the age we were I knew I loved her.  She was amazing. In every way. But unlike me she wasn't comfortable in being who she was outside of our sanctuary. So we were in a relationship, at the same time she was dating my ex boyfriend while I was dating a new guy.  And the new boyfriend was my exes twin brother
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