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About this blog

I am a very philosophical person. I have a strict set of rules based on things I know, think and believe.  I have a past that I find hard to talk about. In this I am going to talk about what I have told no one about. That is a mix of relationships, abuse and torment that I have gone through all my life before I even had the concept of my sexulaity.  But becoming who wlyou are is all about confronting the past, right?

Entries in this blog

Once upon a times

Don't hate me when I say this, but I have never liked Disney films. I know that is a bit strange, and an even stranger start to this, but stay with me here.  Disney has always been to me," once upon a time... and they lived happily ever after." I don't belive in that.  One of my ex boyfriends loved Disney, and Pixar and all that kind of stuff. He didn't like the fact I didn't. We would fight over it, we would fight over a lot of things. But our film night fights always ended badly. I don't
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