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I am pleased to have dogs in my life - Any dog lovers this is my fav quote i made after getting teddy.   I want to say why I love animals. I am telling a true story of mine that happened to me when I was a young girl. I was alone walking from my friends and this man approached me with this cute dog and I fell in love i bent down to stroke it but the dog bit me 😞 I am still glad i met the dog even thought it wasn't good circumstances I wish it was better but Hey! I am a animal lover 8 years later I love the type of dog and I have a dog of that type myself 🙂  - ' never let bad situations determine your life'


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As many know, my relationship with my parents are something I cherish dearly. as because I have been hurt previously and I am just writing this as some people say and take things for granted which p'SS'ES me off and it isn't right. You should love and not take things for granted and i'd keep hold of them for as long as possible. One birthday i   Was telling my parents to f;'k right o** and to leave me alone due to finding out i was pregnant at 14 and that i did not know if i'd be listened t


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