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spacer.pngThis is my 1st digital painting I completed, which took 3 days. It's called Happy Birthday, Lassie. A girl is layed down to rest on her coffin, but instead of an empty tomb to fill, she is served in sprinkles to fill the empty bellies of her neighbor skeletons. The painting was mainly a collage. The girl in the image was cropped from a friend's Facebook page, so it's not me. 🤭

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So there's this boy I'm scared of...

Not only do we attend the same taekwondo school together, we are also on the school's demo team. He is the leader of the team, and I always feel intimidated by anything he does. What's worse is that he's one year younger than me, already has a "LinkedIn" page, and achieved many awards and fame from his school and work at taekwondo. I only achieved a Principal's award at my middle school in 8th grade, but I don't like thinking about middle school because they always bring up bad memories. Wheneve

Lil Jiko

Lil Jiko in Taekwondo

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