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About this blog

This is my blog I guess?

I'll chat about transitioning (that's a big thing for me right now), going to a new school in september of 2021 as someone who's never done well with change and never made many friends at school (I intend to attempt to make friends at school), I'll muse on my mental health goings on, building a guitar, being in scouts, being political as a teen, and any other fun adventures I take on. I hope its fun!

Entries in this blog

Scout camp!

Well, a few days have passed, so much has happened Scout camp though, thats the thing for right now It was so fun. I've missed being on camp so so much. All the scouts slept in stormhaven and icelandic tents, they were all 30 or 10 years old. They all look like this: ahhhh they are so so fun to put up and sleep in and I love them, they are my favourite tents ever. Me and my non binary friend slept in a vango 4 man, and the other two YLs slept in a cheap 4 man as well. Th


-echo- in Scouts

My first scout camp in over a year!

I'm going on a scout camp tomorrow! We haven't had one since January 2020, which was a wild camp. There were like, 5000 kids on it I think? somewhere between 1000 and 5000 I'm fairly sure, but there were a lot of people on it. The weather was awful. My group was an older group (young leader troop), so we were camping by ourselves with no leaders. Our tents all blew down at 3am and we sat in the beer tent waiting for staff to give us hot chocolate. A tree almost fell on a leaders tent, it was cau


-echo- in Scouts

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