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About this blog

Just somethings i like to talk about! Such as, Daily life, sexuality, etc. 

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So, alot of you know that i'm trans, and i've been thinking... what if i changed my name to James? James is quite similar to my birthname, Jade. Jade was always a name that was too feminine for me, so i think James fits me alot better. I don't think i'm legally aloud to change my name (cause im 14 lol), so i thik imma just start introducing myself to new people as James. Give me your thoughts :V


I started school yesterday. I've been in homeschool for 3 years now... and i hate it. The only reason i wanted to get away from public school was because people bullied me for being weird and different. Honestly, homeschool sucks. You never get to socialize with anyone. The only time i get to socialize is when i'm at church on Wednesdays and Sundays. My parents dont want me in public school, be cause of sex-ed. Honestly, i dont mind Sex-Ed. I already know alot about sex, female and male genitali

Welcome :)

Hi! I've been thinking on if i should start a blog, so here i am! I'll mostly be talking about my daily life (kinda like a public diary?) I hope you all enjoy 🙂 Oh! And if you want to, you all can give me some suggestions on what to write about! 

mars the candy bar

mars the candy bar in Welcome

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