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About this blog

If anyone has any thought or anything they'd like to input about what they read here, that would be appreciated! :)

I'm just gonna rant about things that are currently going on for me right now, and if anyone else wants to rant, go ahead! Any advice and input would be welcomed and appreciated! Hope you guys have a wonderful day and tell me if I should write a novel based off my life once you read most of my posts. :)

Entries in this blog

First Rant to Cover everything that's happened.

If you haven't read my earlier posts, and you want all the details, go to my profile and scroll until you see my posts because there's a lot to cover. Basically, I had this guy friend that I grew close with last year, but during april last year everything kind turned upside down. Me and my friend I shall dub M were really close with him, and he noticed he was off. Fast foreward he was sick and just didn't want anyone fussing over him. He went home and stayed there for a few days with his mom (he
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