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Who else runs from problems they have because of their parents and/or partner(s)?

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I feel.

I feel like I'm barely crawling. I feel empty. I feel like my spirit is too big for my body. I feel hate. I feel love. I feel, I have feelings, not many people know. I feel hated. I feel out of place. I feel gone. I feel like life doesn't matter. I feel that we're only born to die. I feel like a shell, my body is a shell, a transportation device for my real soul.  I feel punished because I was made a girl. I feel pushed back.

Julian Ali

Julian Ali in Problems

I run, but running only lasts so long.

Running from telling my parents. Running from the truth. Running from love. Running from hate. Running from support. Running from bullies. Running from life. Running from death. Running from the darkness. Running from mistakes. Running is a way to cope for some people. Running is a trap for others. For me, running is a terrifying joy I feel that if i run long enough I will end up at the end. The end of the world, the end of time, the end of life.

Julian Ali

Julian Ali in Problems

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