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About this blog

Hi! My name's Dewdrop.

My life can be downright wild, but I love living it to the fullest. I'll share good times and bad, funny and interesting things, maybe some of the creative writing I'm working on, quite possibly some inspirational quotes, and more!

✨ Welcome to: Dewdrop's Life! ✨

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! How are you today? I love Halloween, since I get to dress up and walk around town with my sister while we trick-or-treat. For the past couple of years, I've been doing an abstract sort of costume, with each one of the 'elements.'  The first one I did was shadow. then fire, then wind, and this year I'm going as earth. I have a black dress-cloak-thing that I've covered in flowers, and ghillie suit pants and jacket. I've also covered the jacket with flowers. I have a


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