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About this blog

This is my blog for posting anything that has to with writing. I hope you relate to the things I talk about and enjoy 

I will also be showing you guys snippets of a new book I am coming out with, Pain For The Love That I Give. it's a letter entry that is based on the story of my life all solely writing to one person that I still write to  hypothetically. 

Entries in this blog

          After Seven, Seventeen, Two-Thousand And Twenty-Two (Poem)

TW WARNING: harsh vocabulary, mentions of sexual content, cursing   After that time I realized how short of invincibility I had and how much I actually had compared to what I thought I did.  After July the seventeenth, two-thousand twenty-two I was no longer Bela. I was no longer Babbs, Bel, or even Yzzi. After that, I was Ysabel, a girl that none have met but all were afraid of. Ysabel  was the name I wrote officially as the name on my homework, it was the signature I signed on papers
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