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About this blog

Things are tricky with my thoughts on self harm but I want to make a blog about self harm techniques for anyone who might be struggling with:

Self harm techniques:


- plastic rubber band on your wrist 

- holding and squeezing ice on your palm.

- screaming into a pillow

- calling helplines

- going for a walk to clear your head

- baking something to keep your mind of things.


Hit cushions

shout and dance


tear something up into hundreds of pieces 

If youre feeling sadness or fear:


here are some distractions you could try:


- wrap a blanket around you

- spend time with an animal

- walk in nature

-let yourself cry or sleep

- listening to soothing music

- tell someone how you feel

- masses your hands

- lie in a comfortable position and breathe in,  then breathe out slowly, making your out breath longer than your in breath. Repeat until you feel more relaxed. 



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I want to self harm 😕

I feel awful I just want to self harm 😪. Spoke to my therapist for help she was amazing she let me cry but now she's gone I feel awful. 😢. I hate feeling like this all the time it's sort of like I deserve to feel like this when It absolutely hurts that I have to suffer with feeling su!c!dle and when I want to self harm so badly. I am sorry for being such a downer on the community.

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Deleted account in Self harm

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