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About this blog

Hi! Gonna use this blog to share some daily stuff from my life. Sometimes I need that, and I hope it would be interesting for you, dear reader :)

Some things to know about me:

  • 25 years old. 
  • From Russia. 
  • Bisexual and pride! 
  • Polygamous, but demisexual, never had more than two SOs. 
  • Have a male partner in homofobic society. 
  • Deep in a closet. 
  • Anxious. 
  • Political activist. 
  • A doctor, sanitary officer and epidemiologist. 
  • Ex-soldier, corporal in reserve. 

Entries in this blog

Still alive!

Well, it was a rough year.  Still, it had a lot of good surprises for me, as long as hardships.  I just want to say to you: I am staying alive, free and empowered as never before.  Happy Xmas and New Year everybody! 


Alpha9th in Personal

Procrastination: overcoming

Hello, my dear reader!  I systematically experience anxiety procrastination in my life from time to time.  It's a cycle: too anxious to do anything –> too anxious for not doing anything useful –> [repeat]... So I decided to share my way to overcome it.  Yes, this is not a universal solution that will work for everyone at once, but this is the beginning of overcoming. Step 1: Recognize That You're Procrastinating You may be procrastinating if you: Fill your day wit


Alpha9th in Article


This is my new blog. And I am happy that this lines are read by someone!  In this first entry I will add some things about me that you may wish to know: 25 years old.  From Russia.  Bisexual and pride!  Polygamous, but demisexual (never had more than two SOs). In relations with a guy in the homophobic society.  Anxious. Weird kinks and dark aesthetic included.  Young doctor, sanitary officer.  Political activist.  Ask me any


Alpha9th in Entry!

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