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My Novel so far...

So this is what I have so far  Rainbow bracelet   I trudge along the sidewalk, feet heavy arms unconsciously moving at my sides. My bulky parka rubs it’s stiff fabric together, resulting in the sound: Swish     Swish I really do dislike the cold months in Sofíasville, particularly in the morning. Then the sun seems determined to stay under its cloudy covers, refusing to wake up. I only feel this way for about two blocks before I make it to GOAT COFFEE. 8th grade can reall

my novel I am writing

Hiii so I haven't posted in I while things have been soooo time consuming latly but here I am! I am also writing a novel. If you want to read it comment below or react. Thxxx @sflowergirl


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I don't want to be hurt more...

This summer (3-4 months ago) I had a girlfriend. I thought things were going well. It was my first relationship so I didn't really know what "normal" was. I quickly found out that being in the bathroom kissing someone who wouldn't tell me their name was NOT a relationship. Whenever I asked her what her name was or if we could go somewhere else outside of the bathroom she would say no or pull my hair (it quickly escalated). I was left feeling confused always thinking what did I do wrong, even tho


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taking a few days off ! (until monday the 7 of oct.)

Hihi all, I am taking a break from dtl until monday. You peeps are all amazing and it is not because of you that I am taking this break I just need to connect with myself over the weekend! I am trying to really focus on my mental health so you will probably not hear from me until the 8th of Oct. Love yinz (you all) @Jong will also be taking a break too with me 💛 @sflowergirl  

I don't really know anymore

I have know been feeling just terrible about myself lately. We had the cast list come out for a musical and I got a non singing part. I am struggling I guess. I thought I was good at singing but I just feel like trash now. no one will probably care about this anyways but you know I am just not happy with anything about myself rn. 😐


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told people...

Hihi I am sorry if I hadn't posted in while school juct came back in session last week and I have been swamped... I also told me two girl friends that I was bi and they were fine with it they actually celebrated! (I was overthinking coming out) I have been wanting to tell my one guy friend (who I really trust) but i feel like it will be akward I wanted to know if anyone had any advice on how to come out to a guy.  I still haven't told my family that I'm bi so that's next on the li


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I am back!

Hihi! I was on vacation and now I am back, sorry if I didn't respond in the last 11 days if you trying to reach out to me! anyways my vacation was great other than the fact the I am keeping from my parents my sexuality. I just take myself away from them so that I don't go insane from feeling so anxious and mom is saying that I am being anti social. I just don't know if I can keep myself together anymore I am always contradicting everything about everything with myself sometimes I just


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mom said something

so today I was chatting with my boy space friend and my mom was like teasing me about it. I know she didn't mean any harm I told her that I didnt like the guy that I was talking to like that and she said... "whatever boy you end up with will be lucky to have you" …and yeah. So that makes it even more awkward to tell her that I am Bi.😟


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Saw Something Today...

I saw something today that just made me feel so self conscious and pushed my self esteem a  good 15 miles back. my neighbor has a pride flag that he hangs up on his porch and always check on it (it is his pride and joy after all).Anyways I was riding my bike down the street when I see his pride flag has been torn down. I felt like if I were to tell people that I am Bisexual I would get that same hatred from them. yet if I don't I cannot be myself around them. ahhhh! why does the univer


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am I bi?

a couple days ago I was watching this movie and I couldn't help but be attracted to the girl main character... After finishing the movie (which was really good) I decided that I was going to take a bisexual quiz. I had been battling myself on this and I didn't and still don't really know why I did but I did. So after watching the movie just did it. The test results showed that I was Bi and I read the little article down below and things started making since. it was like I was seeing the wor


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