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Me venting about my life

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I hate my family

My sister and I have been sharing my mom's old phone for about a year, but since we are starting to do our own thing, one phone was not enough. It was an iphone 7, from 2016, that has no storage, and barely works. When it came time to order the phone, my sister, who will never actually use it, got the brand new iPhone 12. To top it off, I can't even get my own apple id, which means i can't download any apps that my parents haven't allowed, not even google or a period tracking app.


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About Me

My name is Ellie. I am 13 years old, a scorpio, use she/her/hers pronouns,  and I love to read. I started college this past year, and my friends that I had before don't treat me the same as they used to, and they make me feel bad for getting excited about school or vacations. I am a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, but I don't know which labels best define me, and I don't know if I am bi, omni, or lesbian, and all I know is that I like girls. I am in love with my best friend, who is two years old


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