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About this blog

This is different from my “ light in darkness” blog.  Here, I’ll just post things that have happened in my life in short entries. I chose not to say some stuff about it, because some of it is too personal or it hurts way too much. 

Entries in this blog

I’m not dead.

Hey, I’m back. I’d like to say I’m not dead, although, there were times I wished to be it. People are still not liking me, still having problems with homophobia in my state, still keeping secrets, and still using the act of fingernail on skin. But really, life isn’t fair, and I have to make the best of it. My life has been crazy, and here are some things I’d like to say. I’m demisexual and currently aceflux, and questioning if I might be heterofliexible or just straight. Yeah. Another thing is t


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