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About this blog

This is different from my “ light in darkness” blog.  Here, I’ll just post things that have happened in my life in short entries. I chose not to say some stuff about it, because some of it is too personal or it hurts way too much. 

Entries in this blog

I came out to my sis.

Ok. After a year, I came out to my sis. Not my parents, my sister. She is an ally after I taught her about LGTBQ+, her friend is gay and I remember last week she came home smiling, saying, “ My friend is gay! I’m so proud of her for coming out!” That made my heart melt. I waited a while before breaking the truth, after I liked my first girl, figured out  myself a bit, and then we were watching queer eye together when my parents were asleep. She decided to switch the channel, and I watched it on


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