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About this blog

This is different from my “ light in darkness” blog.  Here, I’ll just post things that have happened in my life in short entries. I chose not to say some stuff about it, because some of it is too personal or it hurts way too much. 

Entries in this blog


I’m alive and I love it ok no more being sad I get lost in thoughts sometimes but I’m too cool to be sad my dad got me pride skittles even though I’m still closeted NOM NOM yummyyyyyyyyy I’m here if you’re sad too I’m recovering but that’s beautiful I haven’t had a red arm in two months eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee just smile I still feel worried/worthless a little but it’s ok I am loved no matter what and you are too positive vibes guys! 🌈❤️


Alex. in Life

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