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Staying Happy

Hey all, my depression has been getting less-bad lately, and I am doing my best to keep it that way. I'm listening to my favorite songs,   watching my favorite movies/shows, and talking online with people about shared interests. I'm doing pretty good, and I'm looking for ways to keep it that way. So, if you all are doing good, let me know how. And if not, maybe we can collaborate as a community to help find ways to cheer you up.  I dunno.   


______.______ in happiness

help. i have trust issues.

i realized last night how deeply rooted the trust issues i have are. i don't trust parental figures because of my dad and my ex-step-mom, who mentally/physical abused me from a young age. i don't trust friends because they've betrayed my trust by spreading lies about me, and even outing me before i was ready  to come out. i don't trust romantic partners because the only one i've had has been really, really crappy, and hurt me really bad. idk what to do. it makes me feel guilty because i don't ev
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