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About this blog

In these blog posts, I will be sharing my stories and things I learned from each moment, and how we have the ability to get light from darkness that chases us. 

Entries in this blog

The pressure to be me.

In 2022, there’s a lot going on, I know. There’s straight relationships, and there’s gay ones and there’s people who feel like they don’t even want love in their lives right now. I get it, as a teen who struggles to keep all their opinions to themself, too scared to hear other peoples opinions, it can be hard to figure out who you are.  In early 2022, I found out that I’m demisexual, aceflux, and heterofliexible. And you’d probably think, well, she probably has everything figured out so it’s all

It’s alright to be human

Over the past years, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Too many for me to count. From simple ones like suffering from a panic attack and everyone looking, to big ones like yelling at my parents over hidden feelings that I still keep inside. Every time I messed up, it changed me, for the better and the worse. I learn from each one, how to wipe fallen tears, and breathe. But, my only problem with messing up, is the constant weight of self doubt and blame. Today in theatre, I did terrible with my blocki


Alex. in Life

What it means to be a survivor.

I was born three months early, with a raspy breath and decreasing heart rate. I was told I wouldn’t make it, and was pronounced dead that same day. Then, they discovered I was still alive, and worked hard to keep me living.  One thing I learned from that experience was that I had the guts to have a working heart and lungs, but as I grew, people made me want to shut it down. Remarks were like a trail of smoke, the aftermath of a fire. I have a writing disability, ADHD, speech issues, was in physi


Alex. in Life

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