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About this blog

My life is boring but when something does happen it is so f**king crazy and I kinda want to share it with you all. 

From spongbob trials and a random poll because I just f**king can, this is the blog called Live without bounds


Entries in this blog

I fell down a rabbit hole

I just got into cat zodiac signs. My twin kitties are Virgos, and now I know so much more. I am going to add link  ***** I am just shocked. It is so accurate. I never told you guys, but I have two kittens. The girl is a black and white one named Oreo, and the boy is a Gray tabby named (by my eight year old brother) Gray. Oreo is a little baby and Gray is a total diva. 

They are so…

The kids in my class think they are sooooo slick, hiding their phone from the teacher in plain sight. I am just screaming right now. Anyways, how are you guys doing? If you are reading this please go check out my poll. I am really interested in Zodiac signs and want to know if you know what yours is. On my profile I have my zodiac signs. 


I had pancakes for breakfast and I got syrup in my hair. I am at school right now and I am just screaming because my hair is sticky and hard. I just hate it. Remind me to put my hair up when eating sticky substances like syrup.


Sorry, I had to take a mental health break. I wasn’t feeling to well and had to study for a big test and didn’t have time to update this blog. I just logged back in for the first time in a while. 

My reading choices

Lately I have been reading more ‘mature’ teenage mangas. All of them have swears and are a little 🤭 but I enjoy them. I have read Maximum Ride mangas 1-3,  Phd phantasy degree one, and Alice in the country of clover Cheshire Cat waltz volume one. Dang, that’s a long title. I just call it Cheshire Cat waltz.  Well, this is awkward convo. I am going to go.


Lilyin in Blog entry

I am just bored

I am currently sitting my spanish class, which is high school level when we are in f**king middle school. I hate this class and won’t be doing it next year, but after this I have my personal favorites, math and Theatre arts. I am just dying in this class though. S.o.s someone send help lol.


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SpongeBob trail

Today is the day of SpongeBobs trial. I am a defendant and I am just sitting here like  😑. It’s a cartoon. He needs as cartoon group of people not us. I am just LMAO with this whole situation. I can’t take it anymore.  Read Ela be like to understand what the f**k I’m talking about.  This blog has been up for a day and the s**t around here has gotten super crazy.   

My pencil

I have this one lucky mechanical pencil, but it just ran out of led. I have other ones, I just want to use my lucky one. I was using it work on a project and the last piece of led broke. I have to wait two more periods to get more led because the only people I know that have led are in that period.  😫 

April 13th

Today I have long gym, which I am dreading. I can hate running and I hate moving. Would rather listen to music in my bedroom, windows closed, playing Minecraft. The only thing I am excited for is math, but that is at the end of the day. 😩 Send help.


Lilyin in Blog entry

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