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About this blog

Hey I am ArtemisArt and on this blog you can expect D&D recaps and Skyrim rants Book quotes and Fanart random rants and happy news magical stories and crazy pets!!!


I know that some of you are wondering about the rebranding of the blog but since I joined nearly a year ago I have changed I know who I am and don’t really have vary semi exotic pets anymore so “ Living With Semi Exotic Pets and Figuring Out Being Bi” is no longer a fitting title 

Entries in this blog

why are kids rude

i am curently sitting in class either bighing ignored or having kids say rude things to me and it makes me wonder why cant we all get along we are all difrent but that should not make us hate eachother and now I am thinking why does the amount of the pigment Mellinin our skin produsec due to were we or our anstesters are from due to the sranght of UVB rays from the sun have anything to to with who we are? yet it seems like it does, you could be the best person in the world, but if you have darke


ArtemisArt in random thought

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