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About this blog

Hey I am ArtemisArt and on this blog you can expect D&D recaps and Skyrim rants Book quotes and Fanart random rants and happy news magical stories and crazy pets!!!


I know that some of you are wondering about the rebranding of the blog but since I joined nearly a year ago I have changed I know who I am and don’t really have vary semi exotic pets anymore so “ Living With Semi Exotic Pets and Figuring Out Being Bi” is no longer a fitting title 

Entries in this blog

Peacock drawing

So I haven’t posted any new artwork in a while or any Thing Really that’s not an update on my sword but any way I just finished this it has been three days in the making and five or six hours of work to complete and all of which I did with a burn on my right index finger ( the finger I use to blend and control the pressure and angle of my pencil ) if my coloring looks a little off it’s because I am still learning how to use my new professional colored pencils instead of Crayola. I hope you like

My favorite Wof (Wings of Fire) oc I’ve made his name is Sphinx

Sphinx is a sandwing, nightwing, silkwing, leafwing, and hive wing hybrid, with sandwing venom , silkwing antenna, and both mind reading and prophecy from the night wings. He is a shy quiet dragon who doesn’t speak much he is very thoughtful and despises violence and prefers to spend most of his time reading, and my favorite part about him is that he is gay.  @Stormy_Skies has inspired me to do a weekly updated story which will take place in the WoF universe in a version where all the tribes are
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