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About this blog

Hey I am ArtemisArt and on this blog you can expect D&D recaps and Skyrim rants Book quotes and Fanart random rants and happy news magical stories and crazy pets!!!


I know that some of you are wondering about the rebranding of the blog but since I joined nearly a year ago I have changed I know who I am and don’t really have vary semi exotic pets anymore so “ Living With Semi Exotic Pets and Figuring Out Being Bi” is no longer a fitting title 

Entries in this blog

I’m me and I’m proud ( introducing me and my crazy pets and my awesome friends )

Hi so here I will go as Artemis which is the name I typically go by online ( it was taken here which is the name of a dragon from one of my favorite books ) so to introduce my pets there are the crazy rats Duckin ( pronounced Duke-IN ), Midnight , and Patch, The old hamster Crumbs, the toad Osiris, the bullfrog Bolt, and the leopard geckos Zeus and Odin. My two amazing friends we will be calling Rocky the total awesome non-binary best and Furry the really tall other best friend and he is 10 days
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