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About this blog

Hey I am ArtemisArt and on this blog you can expect D&D recaps and Skyrim rants Book quotes and Fanart random rants and happy news magical stories and crazy pets!!!


I know that some of you are wondering about the rebranding of the blog but since I joined nearly a year ago I have changed I know who I am and don’t really have vary semi exotic pets anymore so “ Living With Semi Exotic Pets and Figuring Out Being Bi” is no longer a fitting title 

Entries in this blog

Ranting about life in the Midwest Untied States and I the us in general

I have realized recently the whole “American dream pulling your self up by the bootstraps” thing is a lie for one thing you are almost always told to go to college and become a lawyer or doctor or some other “high end” professional only to spend tens of thousands of dollars to go to college and enter a typically over saturated career and struggle to find work and make a living. Secondly why all the guns?!?!? I understand having hunting rifles and historical guns (like older then fifty years) but

Wondering how my FFA officer interview went

Thursdays I had to present to four people why I should be my chapters FFA (Future Farmers of America) president I am confident I won as the other person was not prepared and not dressed personally, but I am not the most patient person and we won’t find out until the end of this month at our chapter banquet, and it is driving me crazy. Sorry I just wanted to put this somewhere  


Ok I am just sitting here and thinking, and anyone can feel free to answer these questions. first off what is so cool about hanging things from the ceiling,  like oh! It dangles now! Also what is the point of posters I have like five of them in my room and I don’t know why, also does anyone else want to just dedicate a wall to maps from books movies tv and video games like the cool fantasy ones? Also is anyone else just obsessed with pins and buttons, like it’s cool and tiny and I can put i


ArtemisArt in Random thoughts 💭

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