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  • Harper

    Learn to meditate with our new 5-minute guided meditation videos!

    By Harper

    Aaaaand Relaaaax The benefits of meditation are almost unlimited. Not only does it reduce immediate stress and anxiety, but can in the long term, have a hugely positive impact on your clarity, mindset and both physical and mental health. If you're new to the world of meditation, it can feel a little overwhelming and difficult knowing where to start! We've taken the guesswork out of it and created a series of short 5-6 minute guided meditations. Our initial meditations are centred around:
  • Harper

    Video: Influencers & Real People Sharing 7 Coming Out Tips

    By Harper

    7 Tips on Coming Out We know how difficult it is to come out, so we've partnered with some of our favourite influencers and LGBTQ+ icons to pull together 7 of their top tips on how to do it. Please know that you are never alone and our community is here to support and uplift you. Hope this helps!

Saw Something Today...

I saw something today that just made me feel so self conscious and pushed my self esteem a  good 15 miles back. my neighbor has a pride flag that he hangs up on his porch and always check on it (it is his pride and joy after all).Anyways I was riding my bike down the street when I see his pride flag has been torn down. I felt like if I were to tell people that I am Bisexual I would get that same hatred from them. yet if I don't I cannot be myself around them. ahhhh! why does the univer


sflowergirl in entry 2

am I bi?

a couple days ago I was watching this movie and I couldn't help but be attracted to the girl main character... After finishing the movie (which was really good) I decided that I was going to take a bisexual quiz. I had been battling myself on this and I didn't and still don't really know why I did but I did. So after watching the movie just did it. The test results showed that I was Bi and I read the little article down below and things started making since. it was like I was seeing the wor


sflowergirl in Entry 1

Im being blackmailed

Couple of days ago i got blackmail by one guy bc i Vc with this one girl and they want to post the content of the vc online and said that I didn’t pay for the Vc while the first one to call me was the girl and she didn’t ask any money and now they asking for over Rm1500 (Malaysia). So what can I do now?


Arief in Blackmailing

Hey, I feel like I'm getting better.

I've had depression since the beginning of 2021. And near the end of that year I became a suicidal. I stopped doing the things I should have been doing. I got behind in all my subjects, I'm even having to retake one this fall. I've been through a lot. There were times I just wanted to give up. But I didn't. And I'm so glad I didn't. Because this passed month has been one of the best month since 2021. To be honest I never thought I could be as happy as I was before I had depression but I was wron


VIVIEN_ in July

Summer break is almost over

With summer break almost over, I have been busy figuring out which classes I should take. Cause I'm going to a homeschool co-op? Is that what you call it. Anyway, I'll be going only on Tuesdays from 9am to 3pm. It starts on the 16th of August. I was planning on only taking 3 classes but my mom wants me to do music so I'm now going to take 4 classes. I've been to a co-op like this one in my 8th grade year but I only took 2 classes. So I'm really nervous. Good news, I'll be going with my sisters s


VIVIEN_ in July


My opening post: Ever feel like sometimes you just can't please your parents? You thought you did everything you were supposed to yet they still complain. You swear you've been good but they still take your phone, tell you you're in trouble. Parents. That basically sums em up. They are so scared they'll fail at their job of raising you right, yet they don't realize they're only pushing you away, and destroying you mentally.  For those who can't relate to this, oh honey, I envy you.  It's ha


J-bear in Parents

i can out to my sister THREE TIMES

this may seem confusing, so I'll break it down   time 1: I tell her but I am so scared that I laugh hysterically, so it make sense that she didn't believe me that time time2: she just doesn't believe me time 3: i come out, and now she thinks that I'm bi


vega in i'm gay

A little update on my life.

Hi, I've been working on an old story, I've got less then a page done. Instead of working on it everyday, like I did with some stories I now hate, I'm working on it when ever I get a new idea. I've also been working on a story I have delayed since January the 28th. Both stories have are very typical. Nothing really cool and different, but it's just for practice. I'm waiting until I'm really good a writing to write a book I've been working on for awhile. I'm really excited about it and can't


VIVIEN_ in July

I hate my family

My sister and I have been sharing my mom's old phone for about a year, but since we are starting to do our own thing, one phone was not enough. It was an iphone 7, from 2016, that has no storage, and barely works. When it came time to order the phone, my sister, who will never actually use it, got the brand new iPhone 12. To top it off, I can't even get my own apple id, which means i can't download any apps that my parents haven't allowed, not even google or a period tracking app.

Ellie S

Ellie S in Other

One year on DTL!!!!!!

Wow it’s hard to believe it has already been a year…. lots has happened in that time I lost a lot of people and pets figured out who i am found the best and most amazing partner ever and become a part of a community that has members all over the world I improved in drawing and found D&D rehomed nearly all of my pets and started keeping plants fell in love with agriculture and FFA and made many new friends in this community some of the old faces have gone and new ones have joined since I

A possible long wait

So, this might be the long time in a while that I post because my house has terrible internet. Updates: Forever single Lost 2 chickens Looking to sell a chicken (either silkie rooster or chick) The girl I admitted to my friends about liking still has no clue   So yah, unchanging  fun


vega in update

Back from vacation

Hi, I just got back from a 4 day vacation. It was really fun if you don't include the fact that I got really sick the last day. Still recovering but I do feel better. We visited my grandma for her birthday, and spent some time at the beach. We went on a dolphin cruse a saw a pod of dolphins. They got really close to the boat. I really enjoyed it but I'm glad to be back. Soon my family has to go to a picnic, Im not allow to go since I'm sick. Anyway, bye.


VIVIEN_ in June

About Me

My name is Ellie. I am 13 years old, a scorpio, use she/her/hers pronouns,  and I love to read. I started college this past year, and my friends that I had before don't treat me the same as they used to, and they make me feel bad for getting excited about school or vacations. I am a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, but I don't know which labels best define me, and I don't know if I am bi, omni, or lesbian, and all I know is that I like girls. I am in love with my best friend, who is two years old

Ellie S

Ellie S in About me

Tuesday=school :<

Hi, so I'm taking a break from writing for a bit. Everything just got sloppy and I lost motivation. Right now I'm working on fixing my sleep schedule and eating healthy, with a little help from my sisters. I'm trying to take my life back, because depression caused me to stop caring about my life which caused me to stop trying to live it. I'm finally catching up on my school (I'm soo behind:.<), but I still have to do it over the summer (no summer break for me). I'm writing down idea


VIVIEN_ in June

Ranting about life in the Midwest Untied States and I the us in general

I have realized recently the whole “American dream pulling your self up by the bootstraps” thing is a lie for one thing you are almost always told to go to college and become a lawyer or doctor or some other “high end” professional only to spend tens of thousands of dollars to go to college and enter a typically over saturated career and struggle to find work and make a living. Secondly why all the guns?!?!? I understand having hunting rifles and historical guns (like older then fifty years) but

Chapter Four

CHAPTER FOUR-ANGEL I don’t know why Tiger’s being so nice to me. I just broke down, I got thrown out, and I’m an utter wreck. But Tiger’s hand is on my arm, and so they’re here nevertheless. I want them to leave…but I want them to stay. I settle for uncurling slightly and they snuggle closer to me. I close my eyes and start to focus on my breathing. I don’t have to slow it down though, because at some point, I started breathing in time with them. I succumb to the warmth radiating off of Tig


Emberfrost12 in Story

Hey people

Hi, this is Vega, or that's how you know me, if you do know me. I'll be quick and say I might write a lot, I might not. (ooh, mystery, this got exciting!) Basically ranting is why I'm here and if you hate mad people then this is not the place for you. But I am starting this with a poll because that seems like fun. 


vega in intro

Have to make this quick

Hi,  Wednesday is bible study night and I'm not sure if I should go. Last time I went, (which was a while ago) everyone was playing games, but because I was new I just stood in a corner watching. It was really awkward. I'm not very comfortable there but it's the only place where I can make friends. Anyway, enough about that. A few months ago, before I came out to my mom, I was looking forward to celebrating pride. But little did my naive brain know I wouldn't be able to celebrate it. I thou


VIVIEN_ in June

Story update

Hi, So a few days ago I had to delete everything I wrote for the second chapter. It became sloppy and I lost interest in it. I'm still planning on posting the second chapter on the 10th, but I might not be able to. Deleting it caused me to have to work harder on getting it done. I also have lost my motivation to write it so I'll be working on a old story. I'm not sure if they'll meet Kelly and Aden in this chapter but maybe. Writing a story is a lot harder then I thought. The first chapter


VIVIEN_ in Story

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