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  • Harper

    Learn to meditate with our new 5-minute guided meditation videos!

    By Harper

    Aaaaand Relaaaax The benefits of meditation are almost unlimited. Not only does it reduce immediate stress and anxiety, but can in the long term, have a hugely positive impact on your clarity, mindset and both physical and mental health. If you're new to the world of meditation, it can feel a little overwhelming and difficult knowing where to start! We've taken the guesswork out of it and created a series of short 5-6 minute guided meditations. Our initial meditations are centred around:
  • Harper

    Video: Influencers & Real People Sharing 7 Coming Out Tips

    By Harper

    7 Tips on Coming Out We know how difficult it is to come out, so we've partnered with some of our favourite influencers and LGBTQ+ icons to pull together 7 of their top tips on how to do it. Please know that you are never alone and our community is here to support and uplift you. Hope this helps!

Dark rainy clouds

Hi, It's raining right now and I feel very blue. I didn't do anything today because of the rain. I'm listening to sad love songs which is not helping. I don't know why I'm blue, maybe it's because I miss my old house or because I feel lonely. I'm probably going to work on my story. The chapter is almost done. I want to post it but I'm not sure where I should (any ideas?). I'm going to go make bracelets and listen to depressing music, bye my fellow readers!    


VIVIEN_ in April

The 6th

Hi, only six more days until the movers are here! The only thing I did today was watch an unhealthy amount of youtube and read a bunch of comics.  I'm going to work on my story today. Hopefully finish the chapter. It's a lgbtq+ story. The main character is gay. I've always enjoyed reading, maybe a little too much. Give me a good book and I will pull all-nighters to finish it. My mom even had to take my books away at night to get me to sleep. I can't wait to be in my bed and have my boo


VIVIEN_ in April

Wondering how my FFA officer interview went

Thursdays I had to present to four people why I should be my chapters FFA (Future Farmers of America) president I am confident I won as the other person was not prepared and not dressed personally, but I am not the most patient person and we won’t find out until the end of this month at our chapter banquet, and it is driving me crazy. Sorry I just wanted to put this somewhere  

Today is the 3rd!

Sunday, I hate Sundays. There's church (I have nothing against church it just makes me extremely uncomfortable), family time, and me being very emotional for some unknown reason. We just moved to our new house two days ago and have been unpacking the things we brought. Today we're figuring out who gets which room, and it looks like I'll be sharing with the two youngest (7 and 10). The movers should be here on the 12th with the rest of our stuff. My sisters are outside playing, my mom is sitting


VIVIEN_ in April

Coffee coffee

i'm taking coffee with me to school cause i forgot to take melatonin  so i did not sleep well at all last night but i felt nice to not take i take it every night cause i don't sleep but even with the melatonin i find sleep dreadful and uncomfortable 

Chapter three

CHAPTER 3- TIGER   Angel-ANGELA, I remind myself, Angela and I are working on our weird drama project. It’s hard to focus when we’re making physical contact. She smells like wind on the prairie. I don’t know what I should do. Here I am, falling in love with a girl who is most likely straight. Talk about hopeless love- we’re not even on the same social level. She’s with the POPULAR girls and I’m just someone who talks with everyone but doesn’t have any real friends. At least I’ll have s


Emberfrost12 in Story


They are very chaotic by nature  Some people (humans) think they are below them and that they should serve them they have a human form but most say it is very uncomfortable  their main form is typically a mix of animals on a fairly human like design  they have an animal like form resembling their main form typically referred to as their beast form can become any creature they have laid eyes on can live to be around 300 years old in some cases  can not change fr

Chapter two

CHAPTER TWO- ANGEL   As I walk to school, my mind is racing. I don’t know what my parents are going to do about this. All I know is that I’m not going to go back to being a normal CisHet girl. When I get to school, I don’t sit by the lockers like I usually do, and instead, head to the Senior Gym. Unsure of where to sit, I drop my backpack onto the floor and lean back against the wall. My phone starts vibrating. I pull it out and discover that Charlene, Marissa, and Sabrina have just no


Emberfrost12 in Story


Ok, I will post references for all of the species later as well as a vote for the title  griffsune ( griffin+kitsune )  part bird part fox sometimes shows more griffin or kitsune, intelligent level: human language; talon they form close bonds with shapeshifters and aft or is formed the gain a telepathic link sorry I do not have a reference I am in the car as of writing this and have been for the past two hours 

Story idea

Before I start let me thank @Emberfrost12 for giving me the inspiration to finally jot down these ideas, please let me know if you like it and if I should actually write it    the story would follow a young shapeshifter who has yet to be named and who is based off of one of my dnd characters, she is a well known assassin and is a member of the legendary order of the night, a group of around 15 assassins, thief’s, and bounty hunters. Her life is then thrown into chaos when a neighboring

Chapter one

CHAPTER ONE- ANGEL   Standing in the front entry of my school, I know that my life’s going to change today. I feel my heart thudding against my chest as I rehearse my speech in my head. Someone else opens the door and a rush of cool late-September air chills my back, making me realize that I’m overheating. I shake out my hair and walk up the stairs to the second floor. Nervously, I check my reflection in the mirror on the inside of my locker door. I frown and tug uncomfortably on my sh


Emberfrost12 in Story

So there's this boy I'm scared of...

Not only do we attend the same taekwondo school together, we are also on the school's demo team. He is the leader of the team, and I always feel intimidated by anything he does. What's worse is that he's one year younger than me, already has a "LinkedIn" page, and achieved many awards and fame from his school and work at taekwondo. I only achieved a Principal's award at my middle school in 8th grade, but I don't like thinking about middle school because they always bring up bad memories. Wheneve

Exciting News About My Poetry Book, Gen Z's F*cked Up Version of Romeo And Juliet!

Hey everyone! I know its kinda late, but I am soooo excited, I can´t wait to tell the world! so people who have been reading my poetry lately, like @MinamatoKouFan23 ( which, thank you :D I appreciate it very much) know I am doing a series called  Gen Z's F*cked Up Version of Romeo And Juliet, and a lot of people at my school I´ve shown this little project of mine to people and they have all said that I should make a book out of this, and I started thinking. I think that I SHOULD make a physical


Ok I am just sitting here and thinking, and anyone can feel free to answer these questions. first off what is so cool about hanging things from the ceiling,  like oh! It dangles now! Also what is the point of posters I have like five of them in my room and I don’t know why, also does anyone else want to just dedicate a wall to maps from books movies tv and video games like the cool fantasy ones? Also is anyone else just obsessed with pins and buttons, like it’s cool and tiny and I can put i

Hey :>/ (TW WARNING: self abuse, depression, anxiety, etc.)

Hey everyone... how are you doing? I'm okay, I guess. just feel depressed and hella stressed about...everything.  about school. about home. about my friend who's being complicated while I'm trying to keep myself alive about my other friend, who's crying because life is so hard, so I'm trying to not smoke or drink...or burn myself. about my crush, I want to stop loving him, to stop needing him.  he doesn't like me back, and dealing with the stress of being friends wi

The Story I promised you all

Allright, here is part 2 Chapter 2: Moving Day Abandoned  “Is that everything loaded into the van?” my adoptive mother asks.  “I believe so, let me just double check every room really quick.” I reply.  It is moving day, at long last. We are finally selling up and getting a bigger house because the 3-bedroom house we currently live in is too small for a growing teen such as myself.  “I’ll meet you there, I just want to go to and say goodbye to

The Story I promised you all.

Well, Here it is at last The story that I promised everyone. Chapter 1: The big news. Abandoned           “What! Why are you only just telling me this now? Why now after all these years?” I had so many questions.  I am in the front room with my parents because they said that there is something I need to know. “Sit down please love” my mum asks, but I can’t, I’m too nervous, I can’t help but think; “what if they are kicking me out?” “Are either of them seriously i

Alas, He Is Slowly Driving Me Mad...And I Like It: Pt 2

hey everyone! I'm not going to say much, except enjoy and hopefully you won't think I'm crazy lolz How is everyone doing? I'm doing okay :)    Who else has contorted crushes? (hahaha) Turning me on like a faucet  Make me feel hot and cold, but now the sink is broken  Make me feel like a 9.5 earthquake  Make me shake, to find out that it’s all fake  And everyone around me has gasped when I told them about you like an artificial audience hearing the news of
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