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  • Harper

    Learn to meditate with our new 5-minute guided meditation videos!

    By Harper

    Aaaaand Relaaaax The benefits of meditation are almost unlimited. Not only does it reduce immediate stress and anxiety, but can in the long term, have a hugely positive impact on your clarity, mindset and both physical and mental health. If you're new to the world of meditation, it can feel a little overwhelming and difficult knowing where to start! We've taken the guesswork out of it and created a series of short 5-6 minute guided meditations. Our initial meditations are centred around:
  • Harper

    Video: Influencers & Real People Sharing 7 Coming Out Tips

    By Harper

    7 Tips on Coming Out We know how difficult it is to come out, so we've partnered with some of our favourite influencers and LGBTQ+ icons to pull together 7 of their top tips on how to do it. Please know that you are never alone and our community is here to support and uplift you. Hope this helps!

Has anyone had a hard time starting a new school/uni?

Hey guys, I just wanted to come on here and talk about my experience with going to uni in case anyone was joining a new school/uni and had some anxieties about it. I personally feel like going to uni is built up to be this huge, amazing experience that everyone is supposed to love, but in reality (for me) it didn't work out like that, and people need to talk about the other side of it and how lonely it can be sometimes.  By no means am I writing this to put people off going, because, as a r

Chapter 1 part two

lol I ended that at a really bad place to continue it.    Elyris contemplated her situation as she walked down the stars. Did she have a choice? "No you do not have a choice." Elyris jumped and looked around her, searching for a weapon. She grabbed an umbrella from her nearby coatstand, and turned slowly, and found the demon who she had met the other day. "I realized I never told you my name, or where to meet me. Walter. How did I know what you were thinking? You forget I was in y


Stormy_Skies in books!

Chapter one, part one

okay, preface, if you have de*th triggers, stay away, also it’s Fourth of July, we just got out of a drought and people are setting off fireworks anyway, and since when did I hate the sound of fireworks? That’s going to be a problem at Diwali. Anyway, this is a pretty unplanned story idea, so please bear with me, I’m figuring it out as I go.  I took some inspiration from varied books I read. A bit from The Immortal Rules, a bit of how the city looks and feels from Cinder, and a bit’s just my spe


Stormy_Skies in Books

Pesto-a basic guide

Pesto is simple. Fill up your food processor eith an herb. What herb is up to you, basil and parsley is popular, but more unconventional options are there like carrot greens, dandelion greens, and chickweed! Those last two are foraged, so be sure of what you’re picking please. Be creative! Then add a scarce handful of walnuts or pine nuts, break em up a little please, then add a glug of olive oil, maybe three and a half tablespoons, and maybe two and little of lemon juice. Also, don’t forget to


Stormy_Skies in Recipe

Healthy breakfast muffins

So these are muffins that are nutritionally balanced enough to actually be eaten for breakfast, they’re super soft and moist, and they’re a family favorite.     1/2 cups of 3 different fruits tossed in flour 1/2 cup avocado oil 1/2 mashed banana (you can replace a fourth of the banana with an egg if you want.) 1 4oz cup of applesauce 3/4 cup+2 tbsp sugar 1 cup oat flour (used for protein, may be substituted, I just whizzed some rolled oats in the food proc


Stormy_Skies in Recipes

Introducing Duckin ( pronounced Duke-IN )

This is Duckin he is about three years old so he is an old rat earlier this year we lost the two rats he had lived with since he left the pet store Greystar and Dumbo so we put our other two rats, Patch and Midnight, in the big cage (they live in a massive ferret cage and the other cage was a rat cage so still big but not quite as big) so he can still have company. He is my only rat with red eyes and his favorite food is an occasional treat of a small piece of cake and his favorite thing to do i

fried rice

A a prerequisite, please note that all of my recipes are vegetarian because I am too. You may add meat as you please.   okay, so this one is kind of just something you eyeball. The rice needs to be made and fluffed up the previous day, then left to dry out. It's great for leftover rice! Then what you do is chop up your desired veggies, I like purple cabbage, bok choy, carrots, and green beens, and then get the pan nice and hot. Throw in a splash of oil in the pan. Remember that the amo


Stormy_Skies in recipes

My model sword making hobby/obsession

Hi it’s Artemis and I am going to tell you a little bit about my model swords I make them using wrapping paper tubes paint and fabric I only have one done right now ( one I made for my little sister ) and am working on my own. My sisters blade is called uniblade and has a flower pattern guard, with a off yellow tan hilt, a pink plastic golf ball pommel, a silver blade with norse runes spelling uniblade, and a pink fabric sheath with a silver unicorn symbol 

I’m me and I’m proud ( introducing me and my crazy pets and my awesome friends )

Hi so here I will go as Artemis which is the name I typically go by online ( it was taken here which is the name of a dragon from one of my favorite books ) so to introduce my pets there are the crazy rats Duckin ( pronounced Duke-IN ), Midnight , and Patch, The old hamster Crumbs, the toad Osiris, the bullfrog Bolt, and the leopard geckos Zeus and Odin. My two amazing friends we will be calling Rocky the total awesome non-binary best and Furry the really tall other best friend and he is 10 days

Sad girl

I'm new to writing a blog but here goes nothing  This girl at school is meant to be my friend but she doesn't act like it.  She insults me everyday and calls me horrible names like control freak and manipulative.  She says nasty comments about me behind my back and she tries to make my friends turn against me.  Recently she has said that and I quote "she's better of dead than anything".   I want her to stay away from me  but she'll never leave me alone.  This has gone on for a year now and


Charlotte115 in Hard life

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