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Hey, I need some help. How do I come out to my mom who is homophobic I wanna be they them


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😋 You have an amazing friend if: They always support you, even when it's not really what they want. They NEVER say mean or private things to other people behind your back. You share your deepest secrets without shame or embarrassment. You do crazy things together. You probably should've had at least one sleepover (that means you really like being with that person). They NEVER abandoned you.    🤔You have a fake friend if: They only talk to

Dear Ruth

Dear ruth, you were loved by everyone. Especially me. I loved you so, so, much. I loved your smooth, soft feathers, your feathery feet, the way you  waddled when you walked because of your poufy feathers. You were wider then you were tall. You were so cute. Your eggs were beautiful and so tiny, but so delicious. You put up with my horrible singing, and let me pet you. Sometimes I would bring you inside and feed you Uncle Sam's cereal. You used to love that stuff. You would pick out the seeds and


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I have many chickens, however where we live thee are a ton of eagles, and I have literally watched a chicken get ripped apart by 3 eagles at once. I tried to stop them. I couldn't. I failed. I  just feel like only the ones that are named get eaten by eagles. Whenever a chicken dies, I just feel sad for a few days and don't want to hang out with people. I am wondering if maybe I should just stop keeping chickens because of the sadness they are causing. Like I have rescued a chicken from an eagle


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As many know, my relationship with my parents are something I cherish dearly. as because I have been hurt previously and I am just writing this as some people say and take things for granted which p'SS'ES me off and it isn't right. You should love and not take things for granted and i'd keep hold of them for as long as possible. One birthday i   Was telling my parents to f;'k right o** and to leave me alone due to finding out i was pregnant at 14 and that i did not know if i'd be listened t


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why are kids rude

i am curently sitting in class either bighing ignored or having kids say rude things to me and it makes me wonder why cant we all get along we are all difrent but that should not make us hate eachother and now I am thinking why does the amount of the pigment Mellinin our skin produsec due to were we or our anstesters are from due to the sranght of UVB rays from the sun have anything to to with who we are? yet it seems like it does, you could be the best person in the world, but if you have darke


I think I'm fat. My thighs almost touch when I stand up! I think it might be just me but I know I am fatter then most of my friends. I don't want to be fat! I can hold all of my stomach fat in both of my hands. I don't know how much I weigh, I really want to know though so then I can know whether or not I am fat. I am super insecure and don't like wearing bathing suits because then I look fat and ugly. I am also shorter then all my friends and look so ugly, and like a baby. No matter what I do I


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My relation ship with my parents

Ideally, when I saw my relationship with my parents, many would think it would be good or bad. But honestly its never good, just an example whose parents makes their kid cry every f***ing year on their birthday and give money to say buy happiness for yourself (and it's not like they allow you to go out with your friends or anything you are only allowed to visit few places or else next day you will be crying more). Before moving forward with few other stories, let me tell you about myself.

Sad Life

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How do I come out??

Alright… I need some advice. I want to come out of the closet and tell my homophobic dad that I’m bisexual… but I am really scared… I know he won’t accept me(but that is his problem ) I don’t care is he wil accept me or not, I have learned to live with that…. But I’m scared he wil try to change me and convince me I’m just going through a “fase” I want to come out but I don’t know how…. If you have advice please share it with me I would really appreciate it💛


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I try to write stories

I like writing stories, I've been doing it for several years now. But I haven't really completed one. Or published any, but I want to now that I'm 18. I have some ideas that I think can work, but I'm worried about how friends and family who may want to read it will think of my work. I want to write a Lesbian werewolf love story, along with a merman and human girl love story, but I feel weird because I have never been in a relationship. I have never dated, nor even kissed a person like that. I lo

Not excepted

I just want to post this because I don’t know who to talk to… Last year November I came out to my mother as Bisexual  and the first thing she dis was make me talk to a  counselor! The first thing I felt was that my mother did not except my sexuality… I thought my mother would be the one that excepts me, but I was wrong…  If this is how my mother would react, then I don’t know how my father would act and I’m scared to find out… If you have any advice for me, I would really app

I'm worried/nervous about this thing.

So my family knows that I like both guys and girls, but no one else knows. I mean, there was this girl I told at my church who was Pan herself but I don't see her anymore. I have this friend, we're been friends for over a decade now, and I have a feeling she is gonna find out pretty soon cuz I might start dating in the very near future. We're all Christians but I don't know if she is the type [ or if her family is ] that is okay with having a Bi Christian friend. I'm worried that I might lose he


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