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  • Harper

    Learn to meditate with our new 5-minute guided meditation videos!

    By Harper

    Aaaaand Relaaaax The benefits of meditation are almost unlimited. Not only does it reduce immediate stress and anxiety, but can in the long term, have a hugely positive impact on your clarity, mindset and both physical and mental health. If you're new to the world of meditation, it can feel a little overwhelming and difficult knowing where to start! We've taken the guesswork out of it and created a series of short 5-6 minute guided meditations. Our initial meditations are centred around:
  • Harper

    Video: Influencers & Real People Sharing 7 Coming Out Tips

    By Harper

    7 Tips on Coming Out We know how difficult it is to come out, so we've partnered with some of our favourite influencers and LGBTQ+ icons to pull together 7 of their top tips on how to do it. Please know that you are never alone and our community is here to support and uplift you. Hope this helps!

Pride month

Heya! It’s Cadence, so I’m super excited to celebrate pride month with my boyfriend this year because we are both bi, however my parents are against us getting anything to celebrate for it such as flags, shirts, bandannas, etc. and I don’t know what to do about it, I’d like to buy stuff for pride but I’m unable to buy stuff online I only have 1 dollar in my cash app account and none in my PayPal. Also shipping is also a problem. So I’m absolutely clueless on what to do you guys have any suggesti


CMS in Pride month!

Limitations of Plastic Dreams by Lucia H

Barbie is too easily maneuvered her hands are ice cold she folds and unfolds laundry for no one   Barbie keeps dental impressions just for the reassurance that she can create something   uproots her left carotid artery tries to stop thinking hides thorns in palms & bleeds   Barbie cannot be a mother because they don’t want her looking pregnant on the shelves   at first glance she is too young Barbie wonders when she will begin


lu! in Poetry

Short story (and poem) #2

#2   You can stand by me Or not at all Is the view of the world But not me Because sometimes those you say are wrong Are right Not always But sometimes And no one can disagree Except those who want me to be wrong.    Blue is not my favorite color. So why did I say it was? Because it’s the color correlated with the ‘right’ things. I want to be right, too. And so, in front of the class, I claim I like blue. Now, you might say to me,

Short story (and poem) #1

When skies say your wrong, you must be Because would skies be wrong? They’re bigger than us Are we smarter than them? We break them They break us because we broke them first. It’s our fault, this war against humanity. And who else to blame? Everyone but yourself Because naturally, you’re the one who puts in effort Even though it’s really less than the next person.    I see the sun rise over this planet of trash. I’m Silver, named after


So, I listen to 'I've seen all good people' by yes every so often. I generally listen to music with one ear off, so I can hear other things, but then right after I added 'give peace a chance' by John Lennon and Yoko ono, I heard it in 'I've seen all good people', but I thought it was a glitch. However...apparently it's part of the song! So...grrrr but also....I see.....


SCARE in General

I Am Me, Or At Least I Guess So..

Hey, this is my official introduction I suppose. I'm Noaj. Here you can find out all the stuff about me. If you are not interested then you may scoot off to more interesting matters lol :D I am 19, I've only had one boyfriend (4 months) and one girlfriend (but she kinda doesn't count, it lasted a few weeks) and am currently single. I am Heterosexual (I am attracted to guys in tHaT wAy), Biromantic (attracted to both romantically), and Neptunic (Attracted to people who have more of a fe

Poly People!

Hello Poly People (specifically at least)! Have you ever been in a poly relationship? What is it like? Do you regret it? Never considered the term seriously. I have no idea, I might be poly, but I've never had the slightest notion to wonder. Thanks for everything and more! -Noaj

I'm Back!

Hey, y'all it's been a while, I'll try and catch you up the best I can!  So I'm in my junior year and just turned 17, I finally have a boyfriend that loves me for me, but I'm still having troubles at home, the constant mind games and yelling really drag my day down but I push through! I plan on going to an art college but my grades are bad so I have been working really hard. I've been feeling really good about myself this past year and more like my old self which is exiting because I use to


CMS in Stories

im afraid of being judged for lots of things and idk what to do abt it

so, alot of ppl say i fall in love too quickly, and personally, i just see everyone i fall/fell for someone who is nice and all until like you get to know them better n then they reveal their true colors like they not even someone u thought u knew. and i just think like, well srry for the way i see everyone.  and im just someone who don't want drama in life or haters since i try and keep the peace( also cause i got social anxiety and depression.) then like, im gay and bisexual, and tbh, idk what

need advice

so there is this guy i like at my school. everyone is always saying he likes me and he's just too shy to say it to me. but, the thing is he acts like i don't even exist and always talks to other girls in front of me or flirts with a random girl when i'm around. i feel like he's just trying to make me jealous, or if he actually does but i don't know for sure. and advice on this?

Albums I've completely listened to

Albums I've comleted Listen like theives/INXS Synchronicity/the Police 21st Century breakdown/Green Day The wall/pink floyd A rush of blood to the head/Coldplay Under a blood red sky/U2 The clash, live at shea stadium Closer to the edge/Yes Dark side of the moon/pink floyd Coming home/falling in reverse Ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars/David bowie Zeit/Rammstein Elemental/Tears for fears The Hurting/Tears for fears


SCARE in General

Ranting about some musical artist that need more attention!

Ok, I listen to music that you don't typicaly hear on the radio, a lot of it is composed by one artist and sung by others, and most of that having fantacy, or adventure, or otherwise awsome vibes that make you feel like tou are in fantacy world and you are the main character. This artist is called Tommee Proffit, and a few of his songs I would recomend are Vagabond, Rebel Renegade, anything on the albem Gloria Regali, but specificaly Sound of War and Reign, Here I Am, Monsters, I Am Not Afr

Plants, Prom, and Plays!

as you can tell by the title, I have been busy recently. Two weeks ago I was in a version of peter pan written and preformed with a local, openly gay puppeteer. In this, I was both Peter and Wendy (it was written so they would be played by the same person) and opperated the puppet that served as Tic Tok Crock. As for the plants... I have over twenty house plants, some of which being succulents (I love my weird little please neglect me plants), and now that we have reached spring, all of them are

Community Guidelines

Ditch the Label Community Guidelines Ditch the Label's mission is to connect individuals together so that they can build community and share powerful advice and support. In order to achieve our mission, we believe that it is of the utmost importance for us to ensure that our community remains a safe and positive space for all members. These Community Guidelines outline our expectations of behaviour within the community and also details our strategy for keeping you safe and delivering you th


Harper in Community

Mom and Me

So, the 19th was my moms birthday but she went out of town and she left thursday and i want her to come home to a clean house and be happy so i cleaned the house friday but because we use the kitchen a lot i cleaned the kitchen a few times which ion have a problem with and im willing to do cuz i know it’ll make her happy but when she came home she said “the house looks the same as when I left” so now im pissed off! she’s asking me why i have an attitude but i did all this hard work while my 15 y
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